Trickery and The Dress


“And it happened that both of them came to a place
Where they bumped.  There they stood.
Foot to foot.  Face to face…”

“I’m a Blue Seeing Zax, and I always see blue, get out of my way now and let me go through!”

“Who’s is whose way?  Snapped the Gold Seeing Zax.  I see gold I see white, and I always see right!”

the dress

People see things differently.  That’s okay.  I think we can all agree, the dress is ugly!  Now onto more important things… like food.  Another fudge recipe.  This one is delicious, golden (or is it blue, you crazies?) peanut butter fudge.


I did it!  I tricked him him!  He ate the healthy fudge!  And he liked it!  Until I told him it was healthy.   Then he said he knew there was something wrong with it.  The chocolate one, although delicious, is very dark and maybe a teeny-tiny bit “healthy tasting”.  But then I made this peanut butter one.  It’s creamy, it’s melty, it’s peanut buttery… and whether you see black and blue or gold and white, I think you’ll agree this is too good to be healthy!  But it’s not because it is!  Shhhhh don’t tell.  It is also super easy to make.

White Bean (shhhh) Peanut Butter Fudge

1 Can White Beans, well rinsed and drained

1/2 Cup Coconut Oil, melted

1/2 Cup Peanut Butter (hint: re-use the measuring cup from the oil and it will slide right out instead of sticking like crazy)

1/4 Cup Honey (strict vegans can substitute pure maple syrup)

2 Dashes Cinnamon

1 Dash Salt

Put all the ingredients in a high powered blender or food processor and blend until super creamy, scraping the sides to make sure everything is completely mixed.  Pour into a wax paper lined pan and chill in the for at least 3 hours.  (The fudge, not you… well you can chill too if you want).  Enjoy!  Share!

This is also delicious layered with the chocolate black bean fudge!  Just pour half of the peanut butter one into the pan, cover with a layer of the chocolate fudge, and top with the other half of the peanut butter fudge.


Trick and Treat

And here the trick to the trickery of tricking someone into eating secretly healthy fudge.  Don’t offer it. Put it in the fridge, cover it with plastic wrap, and don’t mention it.  I came home from school, and found some of the peanut butter fudge missing.  I asked, and he said he and the girls ate it.  I asked if he liked it and he said YES!  Full disclosure; he also said it wasn’t as good as the peanut butter chocolate candy I made.  That candy was about 90% butter 50% sugar 20% peanut butter (yeah, yeah I know) with some extra fat and sugar mixed in, then dipped in chocolate.  And yes, it was delicious!  But he liked the healthy stuff too!  Now for those of you who are reading this and wondering if “he” is one of my children I’ve neglected to mention… nope, it’s the boyfriend.  The kids love when I tell them food is healthy.  Scott is the one I tricked.  However if you do have to trick your little ones into eating the healthy stuff, you should definitely try this recipe.  Happy trickery and please let me know how they like it!

This fudge, although full of protein and fiber and the good fats, is still full of fat and definitely not a low calorie food…  Meaning it is a great fuel food!  So now, I need to go run this stuff off because I may or may not have polished off the rest of it for breakfast. (okay I did.  And I don’t even feel bad).  Make some to fuel your run… or to give you the energy to get back to the dress fight.  It’s gold and white, people!

Black and Blue or Gold and White?

Do you ever hide the healthy stuff in your kids’ (or boyfriend’s) food?

Fudge or as I Like to Call it “3 Bean Salad”


Eating this with my morning coffee:

IMG_2995Rich, chocolatey, melt-in-your-mouth fudge…  Mmmmm.  But if you were to ask me what I’m having for breakfast, I’d tell you it’s a nice healthy three-bean salad.  And I wouldn’t be lying.  Okay, it’s not  a salad exactly, but would you believe the main ingredient is protein rich, high-fiber black beans?  And even harder to believe, if you know me, I measured and wrote down the recipe… just for you.  Oh the things I do for this blog.  Okay actually it was for me too because I am definitely making this again.  I have a recipe…a real recipe with real measurements!  I’ll share.  But first!  Let’s hear from the official taste testers.

So it is totally kid approved!  And Mama approved.  Let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure I won’t get a stamp of approval from Scott on this one.  I picture the conversation going a bit like this:

Scott: What is it?

Me: It’s bean fudge.

Scott (in a delightful British accent): Dahling, I don’t what to know what it’s been.  I want to know what it is right now.”

Now that is how it happens in my head.  It is a plagiarism of a bean soup joke that my hilarious friend, Leslie told me when we were probably around seven years old.  Yeah, I can remember that like it was yesterday, but I can’t tell you what happened yesterday.  Memory is a funny thing.  What was I saying?  Oh yes.  Scott and the bean fudge.  In real life he does not have a British accent, and I think the conversation would go a little more like this:

Scott: What is it?

Me: Fudge.

Scott: What’s in it?  Is in one of those healthy things?  Is there anything weird in it?  Tell me everything that is in it.

Me: Chocolate… Vanilla… honeyblackbeanscoconutoil.

(Maybe if I slur all those ingredients together and talk fast, he won’t notice).

Scott:  Black beans!  Did you say black beans?  Don’t try to give me your weird foods!  I don’t like it.  Do we have any ice cream?

So Scott is not one of my healthy dessert taste testers.  He doesn’t want weird stuff in his food.  That’s okay.  I don’t want to share anyway.  But I will share the recipe and you can make your own… if you’re not afraid to try weird food, that is.  Here it is… 5 ingredient (plus whatever you add), healthy, simple, no bake fudge:

1 Can Black Beans, rinsed and drained well (Bean 1)

1/3 Cup Coconut Oil, melted

6-7 Tablespoons Cocoa Powder (Bean 2)

5-6 Tablespoons Honey (use pure maple syrup for vegan fudge)

1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Bean Paste… extract would work too, but I just love the paste!  (Bean 3)

Dash Salt (optional)

Other stuff (come on, you know it wouldn’t be a Leetra recipe without allowing for some kitchen creativity!)

Blend all ingredients in a high powered blender (I love my Ninja!) or food processor until smooth and creamy.  At this point you can stir in chopped nuts, Rice Krispies or whatever want.  Pour into a pan lined with wax paper.  Now you can top the fudge with shredded coconut or anything else you might like.  Refrigerate for a couple hours to set.  And done!  Easy as pie.  Actually pie is not that easy because making pie crust totally intimidates me.  Much, much easier than pie!  Enjoy!




Have you ever tried a dessert made with beans?

Do you like to try “weird” foods?

A Perfect Day!


It happened!  Valentines Day!  And it was every bit as wonderful as I anticipated!  I got to have my burrito and eat it too (which I think we can all agree is better than cake)!  First, on Friday the 13th, aka Valentines Day Eve, I took Isla to her school party and then had a Chipotle Date with this girl!

IMG_2849I wore my Valentines Day present that I bought myself, and yes I totally loved it.  Sparkles and a heart… of course I loved it!


We used our best Chipotle manners.

We Looked

We Came

We Ate

We Ate

We Conquered

We Totally Conquered!

…Meaning we dove in face first (literally in her case), and enjoyed every bite!  Avocados are supposed to be good for the skin you know.  And the girl does have flawless skin.  Maybe she’s onto something.

Later, after the girls were in bed, I put out their presents, decorated their door with hearts, notes and streamers.


….and sprinkled tiny tissue paper hearts everywhere… everywhere… as in I’m still finding them in usual places, and I have cleaned the floors twice since then (worth it!).

Excitement level: Christmas!  So. Much. Fun!  Surprises are the best!  Pink and red and sparkle and heart surprises, even better!  Oh, and they liked it too!  Right, right I totally did all this for them.  It wasn’t because I get overly excited about Valentines Day… nope not that at all (okay maybe that a little).

After breakfast, I packed a pretty pink picnic bag full of pink foods, and heart shaped foods and red foods (and no, this is not overkill… it’s just not)… and Cheetos which fits the theme because I am pretty sure Aliana thinks Cheetos and love are synonymous.  We rented a bicycle and trailer and set out for a Valentines Day that would really make our hearts race.  If you think, you can’t make each others’ hearts race after 9 years, and two kids, you can.  Just run! (Or bike or whatever).   Together.  I thought it was the most romantic thing Scott could have done for me because it was him doing what I love, with me, and our girls.  It may not be the stuff of romance novels, but it should be.

After running a half marathon at my fastest speed ever (mostly because I was trying to keep up with a bicycle), I was tired so I hitched a ride.


Scott is pretty amazing.  He pulled 3 humans, a (stuffed) turtle and a pink owl (also stuffed), all for about 2 miles and even pretended I didn’t add much weight.  Now that is sweet!  Then I hopped out and ran some more.  Over all, we travelled 16+ miles (although I only ran a little over 14 of them), and had a perfect day, and came up with an amazing idea… the best idea ever!  Seriously the best!  An idea so great that I can’t just tack in onto the end of a post about Valentines Day.  This awesomeness deserves it’s own post.  So here are a few more pictures. IMG_2866


I hope you had a great, amazing, super fun, happy February 14th that made your heart race!


What did you do for Valentines Day?

What is your idea of romance?

What was your best Valentines Day gift ever?

Keyboards: Because I like it when U and I are together... (Is that Cheesy enough to go with my V-Day post?)

Keyboards: Because I like it when U and I are together… (Is that Cheesy enough to go with my V-Day post?)

And look what I just found on the floor… a tissue paper heart.  Let’s be honest.  I don’t mind it.  As much as I like clean floors, I like pink hearts better, and reminders of a perfect day are never a bad thing!


BEST. Gift. Ever!


If you’re not as super excited about Valentines Day as I am (what’s wrong with you?  Pink and red and hearts and glitter and sparkle and sprinkles and chocolate and love and did I mention pink?), then I do have something you can probably get excited about.  This is my LAST lovey, lovey, kissy, kissy Valentines day post for at least another 11 months.  Well, there might be one more… just to tell you how awesome is was.  Then I’ll stop.  So if you love love, here’s one more for you.  If you’re a V-day Grinch, it’s almost over.  And if you’re one of those boring people who say, “I don’t need one day to show my love.  I show it every day…”  Excuses excuses, get her the flowers (or the burrito… with guac).  Yes, show your love every day, but show it in pink and red and glitter and hearts tomorrow!

Tomorrow, on the big day, I won’t be blogging, so I have to tell you all about it today.  My gift.  BEST. Gift. Ever!  Better than a Chipotle Burrito on top of a Dunkin Donuts Dark Roast coffee with coconut… and that is pretty much heaven.  I asked Scott if this year, instead of buying gifts (which he is very good at), we could make or do something special for each other.

So I made these pink Rice Krispy Treat hearts with sprinkles…


…For the girls and for Isla’s school party today.  And to my beloved I gave…


This.  My generosity is overwhelming, I know.  Just kidding.  He will be getting something else, but you don’t think I am announcing that here on the internets for all the world to see and him to find out, now do you?  Tell ya later (oh yeah, now you know there will be another post about V-day… get excited)!

I already know what I’m getting, and it is seriously the best.  I can’t wait.  I am so excited.  The trick, Ladies, is knowing how to drop a hint that does not have a drop of subtlety about it.  Last week we did this:

Oh hello finger!  Running and taking great photos don;t happen simultaneously for me.

Oh hello finger! Running and taking great photos don’t happen simultaneously for me.

We went to a new trail!  Not new actually, but new to us.  The West Orange Trail near Orlando is amazing!  And there are playgrounds too!  Yep, playground with an s… plural!


I dropped my not-so-subtle hint that I wished he had waited a week to do this with me because it would have been the PERFECT Valentines Day, and he granted my wish (Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you, Scott!).  I run.  He pedals.  The girls ride in style.  So much fun!   Tomorrow I’ll make a delightful picnic of heart shaped (of course) foods.  I have never been so excited about a gift.  It is just what I want because it is doing what I love with the ones I love.  Spending time and getting sparkly (aka sweaty)!  Have you ever seen that dog, usually a golden retriever or a mutt, that gets to play fetch?  Yay fetch… you throw it… I get to run and catch it… I just wanna run… yay…ball…run…happy…drool!  The dog is actually smiling… grinning even… kind of ridiculously… as he runs.  That is pretty much me when I get to run while Scott rides the bike and the girls ride in the princess carriage behind.  The best gifts come from really knowing someone and doing what you know they will love!

And for those of you who are getting oh so sick of my love of love and all things lovey (Sister Dearest!), here’s something to make you smile.

IMG_2837 IMG_2836 IMG_2826



And for those who are not yet sick of the loveliest holiday, here’s a tip.  If you don’t have a heart shaped pan…  Why don’t you have a heart shaped pan?  Okay, so if your heart shaped pan is in use and you need another heart.  That does make more sense.  Not just a tip, it’s more of a life hack really:


You’re welcome.

What are you doing for Valentines Day?

What is the best gift you’ve ever gotten?

And I Love…



My Baby!!!  Yesterday I wrote about one of my Little Valentines.  Isla and her big heart.  Today I want to tell you about my other Valentine… My Funny Valentine.  If Laughter is the best medicine, Aliana is just what the Doctor ordered!  Words cannot describe how she brightens my day, my life, my world… and keeps me laughing.  But please don’t take two of these and call me in the morning.  You will overdose on cute.  Yep, the world can only handle one Aliana… so much cute and so much personality!

My funny valentine always has something to say.  Don’t make her mad, or she’ll let you know.  She will make the face.  Don’t make her make the face!


Oh no!  The face!  I made her make the face.  And what was my crime, you ask?  I took her picture.  She is even cute and funny when she’s mad!  “How can I help it if I think you’re funny when you’re mad, trying hard to not smile though I feel bad?”  And there I go totally showing my age.  Remember that song?  You do remember it, right?  Tell me you do.  I’m not that old!

Even more intense than her anger, is her love.  She loves her sister fiercely.  She says said she would “kick someone in the butt and punch them in the head” if they tried to take her sister, and I believe it. She’d probably bite too.  So don’t even think about trying it.  She is determined and persistent.  She knows just what she wants, and she goes for it.  If you’re the Mama (or Daddy) of a child like this, you may find yourself using words like “stubborn” or “difficult”, but the truth is it is an amazing quality.  I admire her strength.  She gets her determination from me, and her stubbornness from her Daddy… Okay, okay it’s the same thing, and she gets it from both sides.  She comes by it all naturally.

Sweet… she is so sweet.  She gets that from me.  I am so lucky to me the mommy of the two sweetest girls ever in the history of everness.  Seriously, if you’ve never had an Aliana hug, you’ve never been hugged!

IMG_2681 She brings me flowers and the best cuddles.  A teeny, tiny yellow weed from my funny Valentine is better than a dozen, dozen roses.

Sugar and Spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.  Isla is sugar and Aliana is spice.  They are perfect together.  This Valenties Day and every Day I am so happy that these wonderful little girls call me Mama!



Did I mention she's a fashionista?

Did I mention she’s a fashionista?

I Love…



I Love her heart.  If the Grinch’s heart was two sizes too small, Isla’s is two sizes too big… at least.  She is sweet, loving, caring and kind.

Last Valentine Day I “heart bombed” Isla’s bedroom door while she slept… meaning I stuck notes, stickers, and sweets in pink and red and (of course) hearts all over her door.  On some of the hearts I wrote different things I love about her.  There are so many things to love!  I decided to focus only on non-physical things.  Not because the girl is not beautiful.  She is.  She is so beautiful.  Her sparkling hazel eyes, her bouncing golden curls, that smile… really is is gorgeous.  She turns heads.  People tell her how pretty she is all the time.  I do too.  In fact it is partly because she is so beautiful, that I chose to focus on something that not everyone has the chance to see…. something far more important… her big heart.  I really want her to know is how beautiful she is inside.  So although there is nothing wrong with telling a girl she is pretty (Please do.  We like it), I made a point of writing only about the inner qualities I love about her last Valentines Day.  She loved it!  She wanted me to read the words on those hearts to her over and over… and over.

A few day ago, I was reminded again of just how beautiful her heart is.  She came up to me, holding her green bank.  She said, “I want to help the children who don’t have clean water.  Let’s send money to Africa.”  Over a year ago, when I ran my first marathon, I showed her a World Vision International video to explain what I was raising money for.  She helped me then.  And she remembered.  After telling me she wanted to help these children again, she went on to ask me if I had any money to donate.  I told her she could look in my purse for change.  She did.  She also asked me to donate my Victoria’s Secret Card.  I didn’t.  But I did realize how much she wants to help.

Knowing just how important this is to my girl, I want to help her help others.  I set up a fundraising page for her.  As she saves her change, we’ll add it to the fund.  If I have extra change, I’ll give it to her.  If you’d like to help her out too, please go to her page.

Valentines Day is all about Love.  Yes, it is a romantic holiday, but to me, it is so much more than that.   Isla reminded me how important it is to love our neighbors as ourselves… that’s everybody… “even people in unexpected places.”

Of course you don’t have to give water to Love your neighbor.  You can:

  • Smile at a stranger.
  • Hug someone.
  • Give a couple canned goods to your local food pantry.
  • Donate your no longer needed clothes to a place that will do some good with them (and recycling like that is good for the environment too).
  • Let someone go in front of you at the grocery store.
  • Don’t stop on the crosswalk with your car… and do watch out for pedestrians… especially the ones with strollers (okay I selfishly threw that in there just for me, but seriously do it).
  • Bake cookies for your literal neighbor… the one in the house next door.
  • Look up from your phone and say hello to a your neighbor (remember that is anyone and everyone).
  • Listen to someone who needs to talk.
  • And the list could go on and on and on…  Just show love.  Treat people with kindness.  All the people.  Big hearts are beautiful.


Please add to my list… What can we do to love our neighbors this Valentines Day (and ever day)?

Let’s Spend it Up!


The countdown to Valentines Day is here, and we’re pretty excited in this house.  The girls can’t wait!  I can’t wait!  Scott… probably can.  I love giving the girls something special for Valentines Day.  I love that they tell me I am their Valentine… and that they are each others’ Valentines.  Yes, I am aware that someday in the (hopefully very distant) future, boys will exist.  Boys will no longer be “yucky” and Mommy won’t be their top choice of Valentine.  But for now, I’ll enjoy every moment.  I do want them to love Valentines Day.  I want it to be special.  I do not want it to be all about romance and the “ewww gross” kissy kind of love.  They love each other.  I love them.  They love me.  Let’s celebrate!  Celebrate love!

Now I am going to let you in on a parenting secret.  This is very important.  It’s really something you should do every day, but let’s focus on Valentines Day.  Show your children you love them by spending as much as possible.  Yes.  Spend! Spend! Spend!  The more you spend on them this Valentines Day, the more they will know how precious they are to you!  Spend as much as you can!  How else will they know you love them?  You think I’m joking?  No.  I’m serious.  Spend it up!

Time, people, I’m talking about time.  The most important thing you can do to really show your little ones how much you love them is spend time with them.  When Isla’s VPK teacher told me that all the kids in her class would be decorating shoeboxes to make mailboxes for Valentines, I was super excited.  Okay, maybe I just get super excited every time I think about about pink and red and glitter… I mean it is glitter.  But no, that wasn’t it.  It was a special project for us to do together.  Isla loves art.  She is creative and amazing and doing art with her is fun.  Not only is it fun, it is so rewarding.  She knows I love her because I make time for her.


It doesn’t have to be a big school project.  Taking a few seconds to really listen when they talk.  That is spending time.  That is showing love.  It’s so easy to be caught up in your busy life.  We multitask.  We’re mothers.  It’s what we do.  We cook.  We clean.  We kiss a booboo.  We nod, half listening, as we text a friend.  Yeah.  I do that.  I’m not too proud of that last one.  I’d rather peel my attention away from my phone… away from everything… and really listen.  Listening to my little ones, that shows love.

Paint their faces.



Make their favorite snack.  Read a book (Llama Llama… on repeat… forever).  Give kisses.  Look them in the eyes.  Play.  Run around the house chasing them.  Catch them.  Kiss them (again).  Spend, spend, spend your time!  There is nothing better to spend it on.

Slowing down and giving our babies our full attention even when it means being late, that shows love.  This morning my little loves were so happy.  I was happy.  We kissed and cuddled and talked.  Guess what…  Isla was late for school.  Two minutes late.  Am I a bad Mama?  I worried.  I’m late!  Everyone thinks I’m the worst Mama!  I am the worst Mama!  No.  No!  I don’t think being a couple minutes late makes me a bad Mama.  We had a beautiful, peaceful morning.  Isla was happy.  Aliana was happy.  I was happy.  I listened.  I spent time.  I loved.

So please Mamas, if you do nothing else this Valentines Day, let’s spend it up!  Let’s spend every second that we can on our little ones.  Let’s show them we love them by giving time.  The reward is great!  The moments I give my girls are more than repaid with the happiness and love they give back.

The secret to parenting is spending… spending every second you can on your precious little ones.



What’s your favorite way to spend (time!) on your kids?


A Love Letter


The art of the old fashioned, hand-written love letter is nearly forgotten.  How sad that the beautiful swirling cursive has been replaced by the quick “luv u” text… or worse “<3 U BB”.  Today, I decided to bring it back.  Okay, not the hand-written part (no one wants to see my doctor-esque scrawlings), but the heart felt words of passion, romance and deep love.  So here it is… My Love Letter:

My Darling,

When we first met, you made my heart race.  Even after all these years, my pulse quickens when I am with you.  Every morning, you are my first thought.  You are tall… dark… strong… the silent type… Unlike me.  I guess it’s true that opposites attract.  You are not sweet.  But you are exactly what I need you to be.  You open my eyes and awake my senses.  You motivate me to do more… to accomplish my dreams.  I more than love you.  I need you.  Without you I actually ache.  Your love keeps me awake at night.

Love is more than a feeling.  It is an action.  Love is a verb.  Every morning, I spend time with you, holding you.  I want you to feel my love.  Making you my first priority when my eyes open in the morning, that is how I show you I love you.

When we walk through the park, and I’m holding you close, I know other girls are looking at you.  They want you.  They are jealous of the steamy love we share.  They see how hot you are.  How can they help but notice?  They wish you belonged to them, but I know you’d never leave me.

Once or twice I’ve been burned by your love.  And I haven’t always been the perfect partner either.  Remember when, back in college I said I didn’t need you?  I left you for a while.  I thought you were bad for me.  I looked for love in other places.  I experimented with others.  I must admit that made my heart race… like you did in the beginning.  But there was never that warm feeling.  I’m sorry I ever took a break from you.

Dear Coffee (oh sorry actual human Boyfriend, you didn’t think this love letter was for you, did you?) this Valentines Day, I wanted to say I love you… not just today but every day.  Be my Valentine!


Happy Valentines Day to my favorite drink!  I love you coffee!



About that Day




So I kind of really love Valentines Day.  Really.  A lot.  What’s not to love?  Pink and red (my two favorite colors), hearts and glitter… and love!  I love love.  Now before you starts with your “It’s a commercialized holiday… blah, blah blah…”  Or “I hate Valentines Day because I’m single…” stuff and nonsense.  I get it.  Everyone just loves to be the Grinch of Valentines Day.  Well I won’t have it!  Not on my blog!  Take your negativity and shove it… or better yet make it heart shaped and add some pink and red glitter.  What is so wrong with celebrating love? It doesn’t matter if you’re single.  You do love someone right?  Your mom?  Your kids?  Your friends  Your cat?  I’ll get to all those soon… except your cat.  You’re probably on your own for that one.  What about yourself?  Want to know a secret?  I always buy myself a Valentines Day present.  It’s not really a surprise, but it is fun… and as my memory grows worse and worse, it could actually be a surprise one of these years in the not too distant future.  Want to see what I got? IMG_2578

A big, soft, comfy sweatshirt from Victorias Secret because I live in sweatshirts lately… that paired with leggings or yoga pants and a mom bun held together by a pen.  I know.  You don’t have to tell me how impressively fashionable I am.  But it is pretty, right?  And it has a heart on it.  Do you think I’ll like it?  See that’s the thing about getting myself a gift.  Of course I’ll love it!

Single or coupled up, either way, you should do something nice for yourself.  Why?  Because you probably aren’t nice enough to yourself.  Most likely you spend all day every day being just as sweet as pie to everyone around you.  You compliment them.  You go out of your way to make sure they are comfortable.  You take care of them all.  But you could be neglecting… even abusing… one person.  Yes, you, sweet as you are, you are not always nice.  There is one person you can be downright mean to.  Yourself!  Throughout the day, you barely take two seconds to breathe.  You don’t have time for that.  And that would be selfish.  You hardly even think of yourself.  When you do, it isn’t nice.  Those kind words of encouragement you spread to those around you… you never give yourself any.  Eww look at those stretch marks!  The extra pounds around that waist!  Disgusting!   How stupid can a person be?  Are those wrinkles?  What a saggy butt!  Stop it!  Stop with the negativity!  Those thoughts are so ugly, they can’t even be fixed with pink and red glitter.  Anything that can’t be made be pretty by adding glitter has got to go!   Get rid of them!  Replace them with new thoughts.  Kind thoughts.  The sort of thoughts you give everyone around you.  You are beautiful and lovable too!

So here are my three Valentines Day musts for you.

1)  Get yourself something.  Your favorite chocolate, a pretty necklace, a burrito, a pedicure… whatever you like.  Why am I trying to give you ideas about what you want?  You should know.

2)  And what do you do when you give a present?  Write a nice note to go with it, of course!  Yes, write yourself a note.  It will feel silly.  I know it will.  In fact, I’m putting off doing that part (but I will if you will… deal?)  Tell yourself three things that are wonderful about you (more if you want).  I did it for my little girls last Valentines Day even though they didn’t know how to read yet.  This year I’m doing it for myself too.  And I want you to do it with me.  Oh, you don’t want to?  Well, do it for me.  That will feel more natural I’m sure since you always put others first.  I’m asking you to pretty please write yourself a note and say some really great things about your beautiful self.  You deserve to get a love note this Valentines Day.  You are worth it!

3)  It is Valentines Day aka Heart Day.  Take care of that lovely heart!  Cardio.  Yep.  You knew I’d go there, didn’t you.  I’ll be running (of course).  You do whatever makes you feel good.  “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.  Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”  –Elle Woods (Best movie quote ever!).  This Valentines Day don’t shoot your husband!  See?  This is a present for you and your husband really.  But if you don’t have a husband, do it for you.  Live longer!  Be happy and healthy for your children, your family, your friends… alright even your cat.

Every post between now and the 14th will be filled with happiness, hearts pink red and sparkle, so get used to it!  Did I mention I love Valentines Day?  Always have, always will! Happy Valentines Day to you!

Do you love Valentines Day?

What are you getting yourself?  (Don’t worry I won’t tell!)

Tell me one amazing thing about you.  Seriously.  Do it!

What a Girl Wants: Valentines Day Edition


“I know what girls like.  I know what they want.”   No, Chris Brown, if you happen to read this, contrary to popular belief, girls do not want to stay up and party all night.  Sleep.  We want sleep.  Oh wait, maybe that’s just Mommies… Not all girls.  In spite of two separate songs claiming to know what girls want, I sort of feel like Chris Brown doesn’t get it.  Just ask Rihanna’s face.  But then maybe he does know because aren’t they back together again?  Okay, I’ll leave the celeb gossip to Perez Hilton and get back to something I really do know about… what girls want.

Chocolate!   Well yes, chocolate.  We definitely want chocolate.

Guys, this post is for you.  I never, ever write anything for the men, so here it is.  Your one and only post.  Ever.  You’re welcome.  This Valentines Day get her what she really wants.  No, not chocolate.  Well chocolate too.  And something else.  I’m getting to that.  I’ll tell you what girls want… what we really, really want.  On that, I am an expert.  My credentials?  I am a girl.  And I want something.  So here it is… my letter to you:

Dear Gentlemen,

This Valentines Day, get your special someone that special something.  Something that sparkles.  Something heart shaped (of course!).  Something with your own personal touch.  Something that says “I really know you.”  Something that says “I love you.”  What one present can do and sat all this?  Get your her what she really wants.  The thing your girlfriend, wife, or lover desires most this Valentines day… It’s obvious isn’t it?  A burrito.  You did know that’s where I was going with this, right?  Chipotle.  But before you decide I’ve taken my Chipotle obsession love a little too far and really lost it, read on.  I’m not crazy… really.  Well maybe… But not about this.

IMG_2385 IMG_2384 IMG_2390 IMG_2412 IMG_2419 Yes, a whole bunch of pictures of me practically making out with a burrito… that ought to convince you of my sanity.  Totally normal.  Clearly.  Oh, did I put on a pink shirt and my Valentines Day earrings just for a date with a burrito?  Maybe I did.  So what?  Don’t tell me you don’t dress up a little for your favorite food!  Enough about me!  Let’s talk about why this is the perfect present for your Valentine!  Don’t you see it?  It sparkles!  Just look at that Chipotle Burrito gleaming as it catches the sunlight.

But it isn’t heart shaped.  Okay, time for that personal touch I mentioned.


Slice your burrito at a diagonal.


Flip one piece over and Voila!  A heart.  This little trick can make any oblong food into a heart by the way.  If you ever find yourself packing a little girl’s school lunch for Valentines day (or any other day because girls love hearts), try it with baby carrots.


…The ends of a hotdog (veggie dog in our case), baked potato, whatever… Use your imagination.  Sorry, guys I digress.  That part was probably more for the mommies and should be filed under How to get Your Child to Eat Her Veggies.  Although there is possibly some daddy somewhere on earth who would actually take the time to make heart-shaped food for his girls.  Still, that is mostly a mommy trick.  So back to your Valentines day present.

What says “I really know you” like knowing what she likes on her burrito?  Cheat sheet, if I happen to be your Valentine: Black beans, white rice, sofritas, corn salsa and mild salsa, sour cream, cheese and guacamole (yes, we know the guac is extra!).  Then since it’s Valentines Day, and you love me, add chips and guacamole on the side.  There you go.  Now you know me.  I just hope you know your Lady Love as well.

And how does it say “I love you?”  You bought the girl a burrito from Chipotle.  Obviously you love her.

There you have it.  My perfect Valentines Day gift for your perfect Valentine.  Okay, maybe you wanna get the chocolate and the roses and the shoes and the ring and… Go ahead and do it too.  But really, I just want a burrito!

Happy Chipotle Valentines Day!

Valentines Day… Love it or hate it?

Me?  I LOVE it!  Pink, red, flatter and hearts, what’s not to love?

What are your plans for V-day?

If you think its a stupid Hallmark invented holiday, don’t even try to rain on my parade.  Maybe it is.  I don’t care!

And what do you want for Valentines Day?

Share your Chipotle cheat sheet…  What goes on your burrito?