Running and Stuff and FREE Stuff


I don’t know about you, but the word “free” gets my attention pretty much faster than anything… Other than maybe a cute baby.  And they are all cute.  Oh how about a free cute baby?  I’d be all over that!  “Free  food”… well I just ate, and I am full, but I can stuff in another meal (bad idea).  “Free coffee” okay so I’m shaking from my first three cups, but yes!  Just yes (probably also a bad idea).  “Free thingamadoozzle”… Yep I totally need one of those!  So if you’re like me that’s why you are reading this right now.  I’ll get to that.

First running!  I ran the Tomoka Half Marathon last weekend and it was super great!  Best. Race. Ever!  I had so much fun, and I PR’ed, and my friend, Jessica was there, and there was pizza, and I got a massage and the medal has a spinning tree in it, and the course went though a state park… And… and… and I know this sounds like a story a five year old would tell.  I know this because I hear a lot of five year old’s stories.  Maybe Isla’s story telling style is starting to rub of on me.  In fact I was jumping up and down every time I said “and” so yeah… I’m like 5 years old.  Oh well.

Jess and Me after the race

Jess and Me after the race

Yesterday I ran naked.  It was so freeing!  No, not like that (you weirdo!)… just no GPS or running app.  It was raining, so I left my phone home and had a beautiful Easter run.  Probably about 7 miles, but who really knows?  Probably pretty fast, but who really cares?  Naked and free!

stretch marks 2Now for the other kind of free… the free stuff!  Mamas, if you have stretch marks, this is for you!  This stuff is SO amazing.  It works, It really works!  It is like a magic eraser for stretch marks.  I bought an extra bottle, for one lucky reader.  Just click here and follow the directions to enter on Facebook, Instagram or both.


What was your best race ever?

 Do you like free stuff?  Or are you crazy?

April Funnies


The girls had nothing funny to say all month, sorry.


So that’s pretty much the level of April Fools jokes we have going on around here today.  PSA (that’s parent service announcement):  Do not, I repeat do not, teach your children about April Fools until they are much, much older than 3 and 5 years old… unless you want them to spend the day saying absolutely anything ridiculous they can think of and then shouting “APRIL FOOLS!  HA HA!  Tricked you!” at the top of their lungs… in the grocery store…. the entire time you shop… until everyone in the store is staring at you… and laughing.  Not that it happened to me or anything.  Hypothetically.  It could happen.  I would imagine.  And if it did happen, I would imagine that mommy would come home and drink some tea while writing all the things that will someday embarrass her children.  Revenge is sweet (hypothetically).




Isla has been doing amazingly well learning to sound out words and read.  I couldn’t be prouder of her!  Her Daddy is also quite impressive with the books:

“He’s reading silent!  He reads with his brain.  Someday I’m going to learn to read with my brain.”


Isla:  Mmmmm fish is yummy!  I hope they don’t have to kill fish to make fish!  Do they?  Mommy? Mommy???  Is it just named after fish or do they kill the fish?  Is fish made out of fish?

Me:  Mm hmm.

Isla:  Oh well maybe they just find they already dead ones!  That would be much nicer.

Yes… so much nicer.  Maybe we could make burgers out of roadkill too?


Isla:  That guy said “hey girl” to you Mommy!

Me:  Why did he do that?

Isla:  Because he saw that you’re a runner.  And runners are amazing!

I’m not gonna argue with that.


“Lots of snakes came to Florida when Saint Patrick told the snakes to go away.”

And now we know who to blame.


“It feels so good to learn to read!  It’s like you’re in a fairytale world!”




“You’re the best mommy! You win a trophy with a donut in top!”

That’s my kind of trophy!


“Mommy makes me best Toe-food!  It’s good all the way down to my toes”

I can’t stand to tell her it’s called tofu.


Aliana:  I’m mad! I’m going to punch you now.

Me:  If you punch me, you will be in trouble.

Aliana:  Well can I punch you with something soft then?

It is an improvement.


Poking me in the back…

Aliana: Mommy, I found your spirit!

Me: What?

Aliana: What do you call that line in your back again?

Me: My spine?

Aliana: Yes, you do have a spine.

Well good to know I’m not spineless… or spiritless.


Aliana (dramatically):  Goodbye mommy.

Me:  Goodbye?  Where are you going?

Aliana:  I’m sad to say when I am a grownup, I will have to leave you.  I’m just getting ready for that.


“I am here to do something rude to you!”



“I love you so much, Sissy, that if I pinched you, I would say I’m sorry!”

Now that’s the stuff Hallmark cards are made of.



Oh You Know, Just a Last Minute Half Marathon

I remember when I thought a half marathon sounded crazy!  As In I would never ever be that kind of crazy, crazy!  But I wanted it.  When you call a runner crazy, it’s kind of a compliment.  Last weekend I was running, trying to keep up with Scott as he rode a bike and pulled the girls behind in a trailer.


A bicyclist rode by us and said, “Wow!  That’s a hell of a pace!”

Scott said, “What she’s really saying is, you’re crazy!”

I said, “Thanks!”

On her way back she called out to me, “You’re my hero!”

I said, “Thank you!”

Scott told me, “That is just a nice way of saying, you’re crazy.”

I replied with a delighted, “Thank you!”

Moral of the story: I say thank you a lot runners actually like being told they are crazy.  No, not in real life, talk to invisible people, insane-crazy, but being a crazy runner is a good thing.  You say crazy.  I hear awesome.  So thank you!

Back when I thought running a half marathon was crazy, I totally wanted to do it!  It was my big goal.  I just couldn’t imagine it becoming a reality.  Now I’ve done that and more and I love that distance!  A friend of mine asked last week, if I wanted to do the Tomoka Marathon or half or 5K.  It is coming up this Sunday.  I said yes to the half.  Now I consider 13.1 miles a fun weekend distance when I have time for it.  No big deal.  Is that crazy?  Maybe.  Some people feel that way about 26.2 miles.  Sure, I’ll just go ahead and run a marathon this weekend… got nothing else to do.  Now that is crazy (awesome)!

Now that I’ve run two marathons, I consider ultra marathons to be that next level of crazy.  I’m not saying I’ll ever do one, but I’m not saying I won’t either.  Runners always want more!


What is your idea of crazy?

What’s the longest distance you’ve ever run?

Have you tried those crazy wrap things? 

I’m Not THAT Girl!



I’m not That Girl!  I go to the Mary Kay parties, the Creative Memories parties, the Origami Owl parties, the Tupperware parties… and those candle and potpourri-thingy parties.  I like the stuff.  I buy the stuff (except the candles… those things make my eyes itch).  But I don’t sell the stuff.  I never sell the stuff!  I’m not the girl who can convince you to buy something, and I don’t want to.  As soon as someone tries to sign me up as a rep, a team member, a consultant, a whatever… I run!   Fast.  Far.  Away.  (After all, running is my thing).  I’m not that girl.  I am terrible at sales.  I don’t want to convince you to buy anything.  That’s just not me. Until now.  (Kind of).

THAT Girl!

THAT Girl!

As you may know, I am going to Florida College of Natural Health to become an LMT.  I love it!   I’m super excited about it!  I love giving massage, receiving massage, learning about massage.  Yep, I totally LOVE it!  I love being able to help people relax, rejuvenate and feel better!  Love, love, love!  This term, in my hydrotherapy class, the instructor mentioned that if we are going to work in a spa, we really need to learn to sell the retail.  And if we plan on working for ourselves, same thing.  We should offer our clients something to take home.  Oh no!  I want to massage people.  I  want to make them feel great.  I don’t want to sell stuff!  Didn’t I just say I don’t sell the stuff?  But here’s the thing… That stuff can actually help my clients feel great too.  Most people can’t get a massage every day (if you can, I want your life) but they could bring a little spa home with them.  The instructor went on to mention essential oils and wraps.   It Works wraps… Hey, I’ve tried those!

They smell like the spa.  They tighten, firm and tone the skin.  I used them on stretch marks (yeah, when you gain 50% of your body weight in 9 months, things can stretch… it happens) and cellulite on my thighs.  Up until now I have kept it a secret that I have used these, because I am all about doing it right.  No short cuts!  You get a good body by working out, and eating right, and taking care of yourself, right?  Right!  Wait.  What?  Taking care of yourself.  Couldn’t a nice at-home spa style body treatment fall under that category?  I think so.  Stretch marks and cellulite are not signs of laziness or over-eating or not “doing it right” (what does that even mean?).  They happen… even to the most health conscious.  There is nothing medically wrong with them, but we all hate having them, don’t we?  So if you could easily and affordably reduce or eliminate them, you would, wouldn’t you?

I love It Works because for less money than you’d spend on a spa treatment, and in the comfort of your own home, you can have amazing results.  At first, I was totally skeptical.  I decided to give the wraps a try anyway because they are affordable, and people I know and trust were getting some pretty incredible results.  I like what they did for me, and I’ve seen absolutely amazing effects on other people too.  Although for me, it was pretty much just about cellulite and stretch marks, I have seen people lose inches from their waists, thighs, and other parts of their bodies… yes actual inches.  In fact that was the part that had me skeptical.  You have to work out for that kind of transformation!  Well, yes.  Of course you should take care of yourself.  However, when your body looks great, you feel great, and that gives you extra confidence.  Confidence can be a huge motivator to work out and eat right.  I feel like these wraps are an excellent beginning to a healthy new lifestyle or added boost the one you already have.

So if it worked for me, it could work for you!  It can work for anyone!  Because…well… It Works (sorry I had to)   This isn’t just water loss we’re talking about.  Yes, it is nice to get rid of water retention (add a little lemon to your water, Darling), but those results quickly diminish.  They are best within the first 24 hours, then they start to decline.  Not these wraps!  The results actually increase over time!  Then with a healthy lifestyle, they continue.  Yes, that healthy lifestyle is still the key.  This is not some kind of magic skinny pill.  There is no magic skinny pill!  Think of it as a jump start to the body you want… a little help with the things that working out can’t help (loose skin, dimply bumps, unsightly stretch marks) and yes… even those extra inches!  Plenty of people have lost inches off their waistlines, hips, thighs… wherever…inches that have stayed off with a healthy lifestyle.  It is truly amazing!

Want proof?  Okay, I’m going to wrap my thighs, and I’ll share my results as I go.  But for now, I’ll show you what happened when I tried one facial wrap.  When you buy a box, you get four wraps.  One is a treat, four is a treatment.  Remember that, as you watch what happens.  You may some something incredible right away or you may have to do all four to get your results.  Results vary.  Many people are pleasantly surprised by just one wrap…  one.  I tried my facial wrap, and this is what I got after just a single wrap. IMG_1960

No, my skin didn’t get lighter (although I think maybe that age spot did), the natural lighting just changed.  Look at those three laugh lines (crow’s feet sounds too ugly) by my eye.  I used the facial wrap then waited an hour and took another picture.  And now after a few days, it looks even better!  I am amazed.  It Works!  It really does.  I plan on finishing the treatment, and I will show you what happens as I do.

Want to join me?  I would be happy to wrap you (I will be offering some fun specials on my Facebook to local people interested in getting wrapped).  I would love to help any and every woman feel great about her body.  Especially you mamas, being pregnant and giving birth may have left you uncomfortable with your body.  I know it happened to me!  If you’ll let me, I would be so happy to help with that!  Please message me, if you would like to try these amazing wraps or have any questions.  I would be delighted to talk to you about these, and other incredible products from It Works!

So get ready for some of those ever-so-cute before and after photos.


Fine Print: Results not typical.  It Works does not work in transforming an adorably wrinkly puppy into and even more adorable baby Aliana.  Do not attempt this at home (or anywhere else).  Please do not use It Works products on animals (You won’t want to share with your pets anyway… more for you!)  Leave the wrinkles on the puppy where they look all cute and kissable and get the smooth gorgeous skin for yourself.  Wrap yourself, not your puppy.  

Okay, Okay, my befores won’t be this adorable.  I’ll be showing some parts of my body that I normally prefer to hide from pictures… because, you know, I’m so perfect and all… with my working out, and my healthy eating, and my runner’s body… (and my careful flaw-concealing photography).

It Works has all kinds of other health and wellness products (and energy drinks!  I want the energy drinks!) that I am excited to try.  Join me if you like.  Or sit back and watch and see what happens.  When you see something you like or you’re interested in knowing more about, just ask.  Or try it out and see for yourself.  Maybe you’re skeptically curious like I was.  You’ll never know unless you try.  As Isla says, “It’s good to try new things.”  I’ll leave you that that piece of wisdom from a 5 year old.


Have you tried these wraps or anything from It Works?

Is there anything you’d like to know more about?

Funny First (Almost)


I know I must be missing too many of the funny things they said this time because I feel like I’ve been laughing all month.  I wish I could remember it all.  But since my memory is pretty much the worst (unless you want some useless piece of information like the size of Scarlett O’Hara’s waist (17 inches… after the corset) or the number of times the MacBeth’s hedge pig whined (thrice and once) or any small detail from Dickens, or everything that went down in the Prairie of Prax (my literary knowledge is so very diverse, Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss) or…).  I can only tell you the ones I record, and this is what I have this month.  I’m just glad I do record these things they say because someday when my memory grows even worse (is that possible?), I can still laugh about this.




“Mad” face… not really, but she said she was mad


Sad face… My poor baby!


Happy Face… All within a 30 second span!


Aliana: I’m changing my name.

Me: What are you changing it to?

Aliana: Beauty

She then proceeded to insist I call her Beauty for the rest of the day.


“I found some stuff on the floor.  Looks like we’re going to have to trash this party.”

And with that she threw away the napkin she found by the garbage.


“There’s new usses inside the mirror.  There’s a me in the same dress as me.  And there one like you with your hair.  And they love each other.”

Then after we left the bathroom…

“Can we go visit the usses?”


“I don’t want the rest of my egg.  I had enough of the protein.  I already got one muscle! See?”

One muscle… impressive.


Rice Krispies:

“I hear my cereal talking. They’re saying “love each other.”

Yes, Baby they are.


“My tummy is crumbling ”

That sounds serious.






Isla:  You’re not rich, are you Mommy?

Me:  Different people mean different things when they say rich.  I have more than I need, and I’m better than rich because I have you and Aliana.  You’re better than money!

Isla:  So does that mean you can use us pay for stuff?


Me: Okay you can wear that [Elsa dress] to the post office, but you’re going need to wear a sweater too.

Isla: don’t forget the cold never bothered me anyway.


“I’m telling the evil queen on you! Mommy! Mommmmmeeeeeee, Aliana…”



Now The Evil Queen has some studying to do.  Hope these funny girls brightened your day like they do mine!  Happy Monday!



Tell me something funny!  I would ask nicely but being the Evil Queen and all…

Trickery and The Dress


“And it happened that both of them came to a place
Where they bumped.  There they stood.
Foot to foot.  Face to face…”

“I’m a Blue Seeing Zax, and I always see blue, get out of my way now and let me go through!”

“Who’s is whose way?  Snapped the Gold Seeing Zax.  I see gold I see white, and I always see right!”

the dress

People see things differently.  That’s okay.  I think we can all agree, the dress is ugly!  Now onto more important things… like food.  Another fudge recipe.  This one is delicious, golden (or is it blue, you crazies?) peanut butter fudge.


I did it!  I tricked him him!  He ate the healthy fudge!  And he liked it!  Until I told him it was healthy.   Then he said he knew there was something wrong with it.  The chocolate one, although delicious, is very dark and maybe a teeny-tiny bit “healthy tasting”.  But then I made this peanut butter one.  It’s creamy, it’s melty, it’s peanut buttery… and whether you see black and blue or gold and white, I think you’ll agree this is too good to be healthy!  But it’s not because it is!  Shhhhh don’t tell.  It is also super easy to make.

White Bean (shhhh) Peanut Butter Fudge

1 Can White Beans, well rinsed and drained

1/2 Cup Coconut Oil, melted

1/2 Cup Peanut Butter (hint: re-use the measuring cup from the oil and it will slide right out instead of sticking like crazy)

1/4 Cup Honey (strict vegans can substitute pure maple syrup)

2 Dashes Cinnamon

1 Dash Salt

Put all the ingredients in a high powered blender or food processor and blend until super creamy, scraping the sides to make sure everything is completely mixed.  Pour into a wax paper lined pan and chill in the for at least 3 hours.  (The fudge, not you… well you can chill too if you want).  Enjoy!  Share!

This is also delicious layered with the chocolate black bean fudge!  Just pour half of the peanut butter one into the pan, cover with a layer of the chocolate fudge, and top with the other half of the peanut butter fudge.


Trick and Treat

And here the trick to the trickery of tricking someone into eating secretly healthy fudge.  Don’t offer it. Put it in the fridge, cover it with plastic wrap, and don’t mention it.  I came home from school, and found some of the peanut butter fudge missing.  I asked, and he said he and the girls ate it.  I asked if he liked it and he said YES!  Full disclosure; he also said it wasn’t as good as the peanut butter chocolate candy I made.  That candy was about 90% butter 50% sugar 20% peanut butter (yeah, yeah I know) with some extra fat and sugar mixed in, then dipped in chocolate.  And yes, it was delicious!  But he liked the healthy stuff too!  Now for those of you who are reading this and wondering if “he” is one of my children I’ve neglected to mention… nope, it’s the boyfriend.  The kids love when I tell them food is healthy.  Scott is the one I tricked.  However if you do have to trick your little ones into eating the healthy stuff, you should definitely try this recipe.  Happy trickery and please let me know how they like it!

This fudge, although full of protein and fiber and the good fats, is still full of fat and definitely not a low calorie food…  Meaning it is a great fuel food!  So now, I need to go run this stuff off because I may or may not have polished off the rest of it for breakfast. (okay I did.  And I don’t even feel bad).  Make some to fuel your run… or to give you the energy to get back to the dress fight.  It’s gold and white, people!

Black and Blue or Gold and White?

Do you ever hide the healthy stuff in your kids’ (or boyfriend’s) food?

Fudge or as I Like to Call it “3 Bean Salad”


Eating this with my morning coffee:

IMG_2995Rich, chocolatey, melt-in-your-mouth fudge…  Mmmmm.  But if you were to ask me what I’m having for breakfast, I’d tell you it’s a nice healthy three-bean salad.  And I wouldn’t be lying.  Okay, it’s not  a salad exactly, but would you believe the main ingredient is protein rich, high-fiber black beans?  And even harder to believe, if you know me, I measured and wrote down the recipe… just for you.  Oh the things I do for this blog.  Okay actually it was for me too because I am definitely making this again.  I have a recipe…a real recipe with real measurements!  I’ll share.  But first!  Let’s hear from the official taste testers.

So it is totally kid approved!  And Mama approved.  Let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure I won’t get a stamp of approval from Scott on this one.  I picture the conversation going a bit like this:

Scott: What is it?

Me: It’s bean fudge.

Scott (in a delightful British accent): Dahling, I don’t what to know what it’s been.  I want to know what it is right now.”

Now that is how it happens in my head.  It is a plagiarism of a bean soup joke that my hilarious friend, Leslie told me when we were probably around seven years old.  Yeah, I can remember that like it was yesterday, but I can’t tell you what happened yesterday.  Memory is a funny thing.  What was I saying?  Oh yes.  Scott and the bean fudge.  In real life he does not have a British accent, and I think the conversation would go a little more like this:

Scott: What is it?

Me: Fudge.

Scott: What’s in it?  Is in one of those healthy things?  Is there anything weird in it?  Tell me everything that is in it.

Me: Chocolate… Vanilla… honeyblackbeanscoconutoil.

(Maybe if I slur all those ingredients together and talk fast, he won’t notice).

Scott:  Black beans!  Did you say black beans?  Don’t try to give me your weird foods!  I don’t like it.  Do we have any ice cream?

So Scott is not one of my healthy dessert taste testers.  He doesn’t want weird stuff in his food.  That’s okay.  I don’t want to share anyway.  But I will share the recipe and you can make your own… if you’re not afraid to try weird food, that is.  Here it is… 5 ingredient (plus whatever you add), healthy, simple, no bake fudge:

1 Can Black Beans, rinsed and drained well (Bean 1)

1/3 Cup Coconut Oil, melted

6-7 Tablespoons Cocoa Powder (Bean 2)

5-6 Tablespoons Honey (use pure maple syrup for vegan fudge)

1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Bean Paste… extract would work too, but I just love the paste!  (Bean 3)

Dash Salt (optional)

Other stuff (come on, you know it wouldn’t be a Leetra recipe without allowing for some kitchen creativity!)

Blend all ingredients in a high powered blender (I love my Ninja!) or food processor until smooth and creamy.  At this point you can stir in chopped nuts, Rice Krispies or whatever want.  Pour into a pan lined with wax paper.  Now you can top the fudge with shredded coconut or anything else you might like.  Refrigerate for a couple hours to set.  And done!  Easy as pie.  Actually pie is not that easy because making pie crust totally intimidates me.  Much, much easier than pie!  Enjoy!




Have you ever tried a dessert made with beans?

Do you like to try “weird” foods?

A Perfect Day!


It happened!  Valentines Day!  And it was every bit as wonderful as I anticipated!  I got to have my burrito and eat it too (which I think we can all agree is better than cake)!  First, on Friday the 13th, aka Valentines Day Eve, I took Isla to her school party and then had a Chipotle Date with this girl!

IMG_2849I wore my Valentines Day present that I bought myself, and yes I totally loved it.  Sparkles and a heart… of course I loved it!


We used our best Chipotle manners.

We Looked

We Came

We Ate

We Ate

We Conquered

We Totally Conquered!

…Meaning we dove in face first (literally in her case), and enjoyed every bite!  Avocados are supposed to be good for the skin you know.  And the girl does have flawless skin.  Maybe she’s onto something.

Later, after the girls were in bed, I put out their presents, decorated their door with hearts, notes and streamers.


….and sprinkled tiny tissue paper hearts everywhere… everywhere… as in I’m still finding them in usual places, and I have cleaned the floors twice since then (worth it!).

Excitement level: Christmas!  So. Much. Fun!  Surprises are the best!  Pink and red and sparkle and heart surprises, even better!  Oh, and they liked it too!  Right, right I totally did all this for them.  It wasn’t because I get overly excited about Valentines Day… nope not that at all (okay maybe that a little).

After breakfast, I packed a pretty pink picnic bag full of pink foods, and heart shaped foods and red foods (and no, this is not overkill… it’s just not)… and Cheetos which fits the theme because I am pretty sure Aliana thinks Cheetos and love are synonymous.  We rented a bicycle and trailer and set out for a Valentines Day that would really make our hearts race.  If you think, you can’t make each others’ hearts race after 9 years, and two kids, you can.  Just run! (Or bike or whatever).   Together.  I thought it was the most romantic thing Scott could have done for me because it was him doing what I love, with me, and our girls.  It may not be the stuff of romance novels, but it should be.

After running a half marathon at my fastest speed ever (mostly because I was trying to keep up with a bicycle), I was tired so I hitched a ride.


Scott is pretty amazing.  He pulled 3 humans, a (stuffed) turtle and a pink owl (also stuffed), all for about 2 miles and even pretended I didn’t add much weight.  Now that is sweet!  Then I hopped out and ran some more.  Over all, we travelled 16+ miles (although I only ran a little over 14 of them), and had a perfect day, and came up with an amazing idea… the best idea ever!  Seriously the best!  An idea so great that I can’t just tack in onto the end of a post about Valentines Day.  This awesomeness deserves it’s own post.  So here are a few more pictures. IMG_2866


I hope you had a great, amazing, super fun, happy February 14th that made your heart race!


What did you do for Valentines Day?

What is your idea of romance?

What was your best Valentines Day gift ever?

Keyboards: Because I like it when U and I are together... (Is that Cheesy enough to go with my V-Day post?)

Keyboards: Because I like it when U and I are together… (Is that Cheesy enough to go with my V-Day post?)

And look what I just found on the floor… a tissue paper heart.  Let’s be honest.  I don’t mind it.  As much as I like clean floors, I like pink hearts better, and reminders of a perfect day are never a bad thing!


BEST. Gift. Ever!


If you’re not as super excited about Valentines Day as I am (what’s wrong with you?  Pink and red and hearts and glitter and sparkle and sprinkles and chocolate and love and did I mention pink?), then I do have something you can probably get excited about.  This is my LAST lovey, lovey, kissy, kissy Valentines day post for at least another 11 months.  Well, there might be one more… just to tell you how awesome is was.  Then I’ll stop.  So if you love love, here’s one more for you.  If you’re a V-day Grinch, it’s almost over.  And if you’re one of those boring people who say, “I don’t need one day to show my love.  I show it every day…”  Excuses excuses, get her the flowers (or the burrito… with guac).  Yes, show your love every day, but show it in pink and red and glitter and hearts tomorrow!

Tomorrow, on the big day, I won’t be blogging, so I have to tell you all about it today.  My gift.  BEST. Gift. Ever!  Better than a Chipotle Burrito on top of a Dunkin Donuts Dark Roast coffee with coconut… and that is pretty much heaven.  I asked Scott if this year, instead of buying gifts (which he is very good at), we could make or do something special for each other.

So I made these pink Rice Krispy Treat hearts with sprinkles…


…For the girls and for Isla’s school party today.  And to my beloved I gave…


This.  My generosity is overwhelming, I know.  Just kidding.  He will be getting something else, but you don’t think I am announcing that here on the internets for all the world to see and him to find out, now do you?  Tell ya later (oh yeah, now you know there will be another post about V-day… get excited)!

I already know what I’m getting, and it is seriously the best.  I can’t wait.  I am so excited.  The trick, Ladies, is knowing how to drop a hint that does not have a drop of subtlety about it.  Last week we did this:

Oh hello finger!  Running and taking great photos don;t happen simultaneously for me.

Oh hello finger! Running and taking great photos don’t happen simultaneously for me.

We went to a new trail!  Not new actually, but new to us.  The West Orange Trail near Orlando is amazing!  And there are playgrounds too!  Yep, playground with an s… plural!


I dropped my not-so-subtle hint that I wished he had waited a week to do this with me because it would have been the PERFECT Valentines Day, and he granted my wish (Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you, Scott!).  I run.  He pedals.  The girls ride in style.  So much fun!   Tomorrow I’ll make a delightful picnic of heart shaped (of course) foods.  I have never been so excited about a gift.  It is just what I want because it is doing what I love with the ones I love.  Spending time and getting sparkly (aka sweaty)!  Have you ever seen that dog, usually a golden retriever or a mutt, that gets to play fetch?  Yay fetch… you throw it… I get to run and catch it… I just wanna run… yay…ball…run…happy…drool!  The dog is actually smiling… grinning even… kind of ridiculously… as he runs.  That is pretty much me when I get to run while Scott rides the bike and the girls ride in the princess carriage behind.  The best gifts come from really knowing someone and doing what you know they will love!

And for those of you who are getting oh so sick of my love of love and all things lovey (Sister Dearest!), here’s something to make you smile.

IMG_2837 IMG_2836 IMG_2826



And for those who are not yet sick of the loveliest holiday, here’s a tip.  If you don’t have a heart shaped pan…  Why don’t you have a heart shaped pan?  Okay, so if your heart shaped pan is in use and you need another heart.  That does make more sense.  Not just a tip, it’s more of a life hack really:


You’re welcome.

What are you doing for Valentines Day?

What is the best gift you’ve ever gotten?

And I Love…



My Baby!!!  Yesterday I wrote about one of my Little Valentines.  Isla and her big heart.  Today I want to tell you about my other Valentine… My Funny Valentine.  If Laughter is the best medicine, Aliana is just what the Doctor ordered!  Words cannot describe how she brightens my day, my life, my world… and keeps me laughing.  But please don’t take two of these and call me in the morning.  You will overdose on cute.  Yep, the world can only handle one Aliana… so much cute and so much personality!

My funny valentine always has something to say.  Don’t make her mad, or she’ll let you know.  She will make the face.  Don’t make her make the face!


Oh no!  The face!  I made her make the face.  And what was my crime, you ask?  I took her picture.  She is even cute and funny when she’s mad!  “How can I help it if I think you’re funny when you’re mad, trying hard to not smile though I feel bad?”  And there I go totally showing my age.  Remember that song?  You do remember it, right?  Tell me you do.  I’m not that old!

Even more intense than her anger, is her love.  She loves her sister fiercely.  She says said she would “kick someone in the butt and punch them in the head” if they tried to take her sister, and I believe it. She’d probably bite too.  So don’t even think about trying it.  She is determined and persistent.  She knows just what she wants, and she goes for it.  If you’re the Mama (or Daddy) of a child like this, you may find yourself using words like “stubborn” or “difficult”, but the truth is it is an amazing quality.  I admire her strength.  She gets her determination from me, and her stubbornness from her Daddy… Okay, okay it’s the same thing, and she gets it from both sides.  She comes by it all naturally.

Sweet… she is so sweet.  She gets that from me.  I am so lucky to me the mommy of the two sweetest girls ever in the history of everness.  Seriously, if you’ve never had an Aliana hug, you’ve never been hugged!

IMG_2681 She brings me flowers and the best cuddles.  A teeny, tiny yellow weed from my funny Valentine is better than a dozen, dozen roses.

Sugar and Spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.  Isla is sugar and Aliana is spice.  They are perfect together.  This Valenties Day and every Day I am so happy that these wonderful little girls call me Mama!



Did I mention she's a fashionista?

Did I mention she’s a fashionista?